black cat eyes
  "The world looks different
from inside a Christmas tree"


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Welcome from Tom and Haley
Author Tom Balcerek and illustrator Haley Josephs with "Jamie" the cat.

Tom Balcerek is a Pittsburgh-based reporter and editor who has worked for national and international metals trade publications for the past 20 years. He has written over 10,000 stories about steel. This is his first story about a cat. Tom resides in a small community near Pittsburgh with his wife, two children and their cat Jamie, who was the inspriration for "The Cat and the Christmas Tree." Jamie likes to take residence in their Christmas tree each year.

Haley is a graduate of Pittsburgh's Creative and Performing Arts High School. She is currently taking undergraduate courses in art. The "Cat and the Christmas Tree" cover and all the illustrations were created by Haley. The original artwork is acrylic on canvas.

Jamie the cat
"I did climb the tree but I never thought
anyone would write a book about it."

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cover art
"Jamie crawled to the end of a branch to get a better look. Suddenly, she fell through, taking the fish and other decorations with her. She crashed to the floor in a tangle of blinking colored lights and broken Christmas balls. Mom was not happy."

"Jamie did not want anything bad to happen to the tree. She sat by the window watching over it as it got covered with snow. After awhile, it hardly looked like her tree anymore. It had lost all its needles and turned brown. It looked worse than Christmas being over. It looked like Christmas would never return."


"It was the colorful metal fish that had hung from the tree, the one that reflected the light so well. Jamie carried it over to her basket and lay down. A tree did come into the house, she thought. Maybe it will come back."